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Visiting experiences

Guided visits are a special project, the original story from the voice of an expert who tells you all, from inside the field, about the rock art heritage of Camonica Valley.

For many years there have been several visitors’ experiences in the archaeological Rock Engravings parks and nearby paths. Each visit is a new emotion, taking on different nuances and meanings, next to archaeologists, teachers, young students. Partaking in field work, assisting for a tracing, working out a project prompted by a visit – these are some of the ways in which one can interpret and enrich the experience. This hold true for motivated visitors and tourists, as well as for those operating in this field.

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tesi inglese UNESCO Heritage

CALL FOR THESIS: Rock art of Valle Camonica World Heritage

Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica, as managing authority of the Institutional Coordination Group of the UNESCO site, announces the Call for Thesis “1909 / 1979 / 2019 – Rock art of Valle CamonicaWorld Heritage”, which sets the goal of gathering every piece of research, study and thesis (bachelor, master and doctorate), unreleased and not previously published with publishing companies or in specialised magazines and which have the subject of the heritage of Cammunian rock art, along with all the aspects concerning its safeguard, preservation and enhancement (in the fields of archaeology, cultural production, didactics, communication, marketing and tourism).


The objective of this Call is to confirm the value of the cultural patrimony of Valle Camonica as a field of research and experimentation of the knowledge, as already pursued in time thanks to the extensive work of all the involved authorities, the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities and the Cammunian Centre of Prehistorical Studies of Capo di Ponte.


All the essays sent in answer to this Call will be selected by a designated scientific committee and will be part of a specific publication released on the occasion of the celebration for the 40 years of the UNESCO recognition.


The best essays selected will also be presented by their authors during a specific conference concerning the state of research about rock art, which will be held during May 2019 in Valle Camonica.


Every participant to the Call will receive 2 copies of the publication and those selected for the conference will receive a refund of their travel expenses and will be a guest in Valle Camonica for 2/3 days.



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