turismo valle camonica

Archeoweek. Festival of Prehistory

Degree of completion: recurring

The Archeoweek Festival was promoted and organized for the first time in 2009 and since then it has characterized every year the summer and the autumn of the UNESCO Site, Camonica Valley.

The assembly in its occurrences has involved various personalities known to the public (Ascanio Celestini, Marco Paolini, Lucilla Giagnoni, Pinuccio Sciola, Michele Rabbia and Bruno Bozzetto, just to mention some of the names of those who have attended Camonica Valley’s rock art festival) included in the context of rock art parks, with music and theatre shows, laboratories for kids and adults, thematic visits accompanied by experts. Every year a different subject has inspired the festival.

The 2012 event was dedicated to “The look of art on the landscape”.