turismo valle camonica

Planned Conservation of the Archaeological Heritage of UNESCO Site “Rock Drawings in Valcamonica”.

Scope:monitoring of wooded areas in archaeological parks
Degree of completion: in phase of completion

The project promotes interventions of landscape enhancement in the wooded areas of the UNESCO site, and it originates from the Integrated Programme “Along the ridges” financed by the Distretto Culturale di Valle Camonica (Fondazione Cariplo) and Regione Lombardia on the POR- Asse IV funds. It has been realized in collaboration with Adamello Regional Park, with the technical responsibility of Dr. Alessandro Ducoli.

The management complexities are stated in the Management Plan of site n. 94 “Rock drawings in Valcamonica” where specific actions in forest management are anticipated and in particular specific actions for the control and management of the “wood cover” surrounding the archaeological sites:

(…) emerged the need to draft a “Wood Plan” which sets the rules and the methods of intervention in the wooded areas within Rock Art Parks and, at the same time, aims at protecting and, when possible, improving the wooded and natural environment (…)

The project “Interventions of landscape enhancement in forested areas around Camonica Valley’s archaeological sites” represents an initial proposal of action in the management of forests in the UNESCO Site, anticipating both direct actions of care and readjustment of some topsoils around the site, and the preparation of specific management tools for forests and local vegetation in the archaeological field (technical Workbooks).

We can sum up the general aims of the project in three points:

1.  Definition of Directives for the management of vegetation in contact with engraved rocks and preparation of specific technical Workbooks dedicated to the management and enhancement of vegetation in UNESCO Site n. 94.

2.  Enhancement of the forest landscape around the UNESCO sites, with particular reference to the facial-structural enhancement of forsaken areas and/or in phase of forest regress (care of cultivation).

3.  Enhancement of the agrarian-forest landscape with particular reference to the “fruiting” chestnut tree areas (care of cultivation and phyto-sanitary pruning).

Four intervention areas have been identified:

- Landscape enhancement of monumental chestnut trees around Coren delle Fate (Sonico municipality).

- Re-naturalization of the conifer forest at Plot Campana (Saviore dell’Adamello municipality).

- Enhancement of monumental chestnut trees at Deria in the Rock Engravings Regional Reserve of Ceto-Cimbergo-Paspardo (Paspardo municipality).

- Re-naturalization of the artificial woods of Campanine in the Rock Engravings Regional Reserve of Ceto-Cimbergo-Paspardo (Cimbergo municipality).