turismo valle camonica

Promoting the Signs. A Journey among the “Camunian Symbols” and the Productions of the Territory.

Scope:promotion and merchandising
Degree of completion: in progress

The project originates thanks to the financial support of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (L. 77/06) and the Distretto Culturale di Valle Camonica (Fondazione Cariplo) and proposes a programme of interventions intended to strengthen the link between the UNESCO Site cultural heritage and the local economic lines, in particular the ones in the artistic sphere, merchandising and wine and food production, with the development of new products linked to the use of the UNESCO Site image.

In particular the project sets these goals:

- documenting methodically the presence, in the territory’s economic and commercial net, of products utilizing rock art symbols for a plain activity of reconnaissance and acknowledgement of what has been introduced in the market so far (with particular reference to the wine-and-food line and the wine-making division).

- defining and coordinating merchandising and avisual merchandising graphic line, terms taken from the commercial world but now applied as tools of cultural marketing, which can contribute to the consolidation of communication of rock art symbols and to the creation of a veritable brand. In fact, if well planned, the merchandising constitutes a promotional vehicle.

- enabling the local wine and food and artisan products to enter fully the marketing of the territory as a tool of great importance for its promotion.

- making more promotional material available to enclose in just one guide useful information about the productions of the 8 Parks in the UNESCO Site, so the visitors can make for themselves a custom-made visiting tour.

- stimulating the enjoyment of productions linked to rock art parks through the realization in the territory of info points and specific marketing.