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Visiting our Parks

Eight rock art parks can be visited today (2012), situated all along Camonica Valley, with differing natural and landscape characteristics.

In this website you can find pages describing each park, guiding visitors to the best choice according to their interests and needs: some parks present level pathways with facilities, others can be trodden only through mountain trails; the vegetation cover varies depending on the altitude and the slope; rock art also presents different themes and symbols, depending on chronology and cultural traditions.
From this page, you can access other websites that organize cultural visits in the Parks, offering guided tours in Italian or in a foreign language. You can find suggestions and information to arrange interesting outings to spend a pleasant and unforgettable day in Camonica Valley. From school trips to organized group tours to walks for families or singles, cultural tourist associations offer theme-based trips of all kinds, matching archaeology with art and nature.

Rock art can be combined with other cultural experiences, such as a visit to the Roman relics of the theatre and the amphitheatre in Cividate Camuno or the Minerva Shrine at Spinera (Breno), or with Romanino’s important artistic phases, or the works by Callisto Piazza and Pietro da Cemmo. Finally you can stroll from the medieval towns to the Romanesque parishes or the castles or the fortresses scattered along the Valley. And if you wish to add to the experience a taste of good wine and food, Camonica Valley’s restaurants offer thematic menus and typical local gourmandise: wine, oil, honey, chestnuts.

The wonderful mountains that shroud the UNESCO site make for a unique wedding between art and nature. There are plenty of mountain paths allowing you to discover Man’s landmarks on our territory.


The rock art parks are located in wooded natural environments crossed by trails which retread for the most historical pathways that used to link villages. So it is very difficult to grant accessibility to all with respect to the natural and historical countryside.

Persons with motor disabilities can access, without great difficulties, the Massi di Cemmo National Park, where a level, fine gravel path leads from the paved road to the famous boulders engraved in the 3rd millennium BCE.

Visually impaired people are much better off, as none of these places present any particular restrictions, the engravings themselves can very well make a visit worthwhile, making Camonica Valley an unforgettable experience.

Even though there are no specific “guided ground courses”, some parks have contrived solutions to allow a tactile reading of the engravings, which can be touched directly by the visually impaired.

At the National Park of Rock Engravings in Capo di Ponte, a braille translation of the panels is available for reference during the visiting time, with illustrations of the most significant rocks of the Park. Furthermore, on Lombardy’sSoprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici website there are some images of the engraved figures that can be copied in relief with a proper support (“casting technique”) or can be requested from the Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano (Milan’s Institute of the Blind) link.

The Seradina-Bedolina Municipal Archaeological Park is working on a series of new supports to allow a multisensory interactive tour.

La Valle Camonica e i suoi Parchi

I Parchi

Intermunicipal Park of
Lake Moro, Luine and Monticolo


Open: year round
Closed: on Monday
9:00 - 12:00
14:00 - 18:00
9:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 17:00
Admission: free
info-line: tel. 348/7374467

Corni Freschi:

Open: year round

Official website:

see dedicated page

Asinino-Anvòia Archaeological Park

Open: year round
Admission: free

see dedicated page

Rock Engravings Nature Reserve
of Ceto, Cimbergo, Paspardo

Open: year round
Summer hours:
1st March to 31st October 9:00 - 17:30
Winter hours:
1st November to 28th February 9:00 - 16:00
closing days:
December 25th and 26th, January 1st, Easter.


€3 (includes museum and visiting routes, free for children under 6).
The park ticket office is in Nadro di Ceto, at Museo della Riserva.

info: 0364 43 34 65   
Official web site:

see dedicated page

Naquane Rock Engravings
National Park

Summer Hours:
Opening hours can be found HERE


Winter Hours:
Opening hours can be found HERE


€ 6,00
18 to 25 years old: € 3,00
under 18 years: free

Ticket Office closes at 13.00 




see dedicated page

Massi di Cemmo
National Archaeological Park

Summer Hours:
Opening hours can be found HERE


Winter Hours:
Opening hours can be found HERE


Admission: free



Easter 2016 Hours

see dedicated page

Municipal Archaeological Park

Open: year round

Winter Hours:
(November 1st- February 28th)
Open: Saturday, Sunday, Monday
10:00 - 16:00 

Summer Hours:
(March 1st-October 31st)
9.00 - 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Closed: never


From 18 years old: € 4,00
6 to 18 years old: € 2,00
Under 6 years old, touristic guides, disabled people: free

Official Park website:

see dedicated page

Municipal Archaeological
and Mineral Park of Sellero

Open: year round
Admission: free

see dedicated page

Offices and Associations

The following offices and associations may be contacted to organize rock art visits in Camonica Valley.

Agenzia turistica (Tourist Office) of Capo di Ponte::



LOntànoVerde association:


Cooperativa Archeologica Le Orme dell'Uomo (Footprints of Man):

Guide Sebine (Lake Iseo Guides):

Infoscuola (Infoschool):

Museo Didattico d’arte e vita preistorica (Educational Museum of prehistoric art and life) and Archeodromo:

Pro Loco (Info Centre) of Capo di Ponte:

Rock Art Nature Reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo, Museum of the Reserve, Nadro (Ceto municipality):

Graffiti Camuni